Sandwich, Salad, Soup COMBOS

Take Two Dollars off the combined price of any Half Sandwich and Half Salad, or One Dollar off the combined price of any Half Sandwich and Cup of Soup, or Half Salad and Cup of Soup to make your own Combo.


All Sandwiches are served with our Homemade Tortilla Chips, Salsa, and Fruit


Real Sandwich Build your own with Lettuce, Tomato, and Marinated Red Onion. Then choose a Meat, Cheese, spreads, and Bread   9 Half 7

Turkey Swiss Mayonnaise Our Focaccia Roast Beef Provolone Yellow Mustard White Ham Cheddar Dijon Mustard Whole Wheat Pastrami American Spicy Mustard Pumpernickle  Russian Dressing Sub Roll

Grilled Real Sandwich            10 Half 8

Grilled Reuben Pastrami or Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Marinated Red Onion, Kraut, and our Russian Dressing on Dark. Pumpernickle Rye Bread. 10 Half 8

Fire Roasted Red Bell Pepper Turkey, Beef, or just veggies on our Focaccia Bread with Feta, Red Bell peppers, and Spinach. 10 Half 8

Claire’s Turkey Avocado Turkey, Guacamole, Cream Cheese, Baby Spinach, & Tomato on your Bread choice 10 Half 8

Grandma’s BLT Grilled White Bread with Bacon, Dijon and Mayo, Green Leaf Lettuce, Tomato Slices, and fresh Purple Onion 10 Half 8

Torta Valencia An authentic grilled Mexican Sandwich with Sliced Choice Beef or Turkey, Melted Provolone, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato, & Marinated Red Onion. 10 Half 8

Val’s Special Focaccia Bread with Cream Cheese & Guacamole, with Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato & Marinated Red Onion 10 Half 8

Alex’s Big Rip Focaccia with our homemade Russian Dressing, stuffed with Chicken Breast Salad, Feta Cheese, Guacamole & Marinated Red Onion 10 Half 7

Flame Grilled Fresh Salmon Focaccia Bread with our own Chipotle Mayo, Baby Spinach Leaves, and Tomato Slices12 Half 10

Flame Grilled Chipotle Chicken Focaccia Bread with Chipotle Mayo, Melted Cheddar, Spinach Leaves, Marinated Red Onion, Tomato Slices 11 Half 9

Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich Marinated grilled Chicken Breast on Focaccia Bread with spicy mayo, Napa Cabbage slaw, Mint leaves, and Cucumber       11 Half 9

Chicken or Tuna Salad Sandwich With green leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, and cucumber on your choice of Bread 9 Half 7

Garden Club Special One for the Veggies! Cream Cheese with Cucumber, Baby Spinach, Tomato, and Marinated Purple Onion on your choice of bread 9 Half 7

PBJ Strawberry or Grape Jelly 5

Grilled Cheese 6



Thai Beef Steak & Romaine Sliced Grilled Choice Steak on Romaine Lettuce with Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, & Cilantro over steamed Thai Jasmine Rice with our real spicy oil-free Dressing  10 Half 8 z


Mediterranean Field Greens

Tomato, Cucumber, Purple Onion, Kalamata Olives, Artichoke Hearts, crumbled Feta Cheese with Olive Oil Balsamic Vinaigrette. 8 Half 6 Petite 3 z


Spinach Strawberry Pecan

Baby Spinach with fresh Strawberries, Mandarin Orange, and Toasted Pecans with our refreshing Orange Honey Dijon Dressing 9 Half 7 Petite 3 z

Asian Chicken Salad

Diced Chicken Breast on Crispy Romaine Lettuce and Napa Cabbage with Rice Noodles and Cilantro topped with Toasted Almonds and nutty Sesame Ginger Dressing   9 Half 7  z

Caesar Cardini

We put the right stuff in our dressing. Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, and Romano Cheese. Just like the one created in Tijuana over eighty years ago. 8 Half 6 Petite 3 z

Add Some Healthy Meat to Your Salad!

Chicken or Beef Whole 3 Half 2 z

Grilled Chicken Whole 4 Half 3 z

Grilled Salmon Whole 5 Half 4 z

Pam`s Pizzas

Homemade Yeast Crust, Tomatalatta Sauce, Provolone & Parmesan Cheeses

Very Cheesy 9

One Topping 10

Any Three Toppings 12

Artichoke Hearts Kalamata Olive Pepperoni Red or Green Onion Anchovie Fresh Tomato Feta Cheese Meatballs Jalapeno Mushroom Gorgonzola Bell Pepper

G. F. Crust extra 3 z

Chalupas & Nachos

Bean & Cheese Chalupa Cheddar melted with a sprinkle of Onion on our Crisp Corn Tortilla topped with Lettuce and Tomato. Our healthy pinto beans are cooked with no oil. 4 z

Guadalajara Special Same great bean and cheese chalupa scooped with our hand-mashed Guacamole! 6 z

Bean & Cheese Nachos Our homemade tortilla chips and Beans topped with melted Cheddar and diced Onion. Please tell us If you don’t want onion, and if you do want Jalapenos. 9 z

Tinga Chicken added to Nachos 3 z

Scoop of Hand-Mashed Guacamole 2 z

Chips & Salsa 2.50 z

Extra Mango Salsa 0.75 z